Kitchen Ideas that you don't want to miss

Kitchen Ideas that you don't want to miss

The kitchen is the heart of every home! But old kitchen designs and outdated furniture tend to make this space dreary and uninspiring, discouraging people from spending time in their kitchens. Thankfully, there are tons of kitchen design ideas to spice up anyone's home cooking space. With a few remodelling ideas and a change of design, every kitchen can feel like home again.

The best part about starting your own kitchen renovation is researching all the different looks and styles for ideas in making your dream kitchen.  

The 15 Best Kitchen Ideas

Remodelling the kitchen is an investment but it’s worth every penny! The importance of an inviting cooking space cannot be understated. Read on to discover 15 great ways to bring new life into your dreary kitchen!

1. Keep The Kitchen Space Open

Replacing classic kitchen cabinets with open shelves is a popular, modern kitchen design trick that makes the room more inviting and open. Leaving sets of cups and plates exposed in open shelving creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance and gives guests the chance to compliment your fancy china. Just make sure you still have enough storage space for all your small kitchen appliances.

Open Kitchen Space

2. The Chic Subway Tile Look

White kitchens are great for anyone who loves a clean, minimalist design vibe. Subway tiles offer a totally different dimension to kitchen splashbacks with their glossy and simple look. Some people like to use this for the entire kitchen and get creative with how it's patterned, while others prefer to have it as a tile backsplash to ensure easy cleaning after cooking. Great for small kitchen ideas.

Subway Tiles

3. Black, White, And Wooden

One of the easiest ways to make a kitchen look like something straight out of a magazine is by using a black, white, and wooden design scheme. It looks incredibly classy and elegant, perfect for anyone who loves neutral tones, also look up Scandinavian kitchen ideas or kitchen trends to find more designs that give a neutral feel.

Black and White

4. Hang Plates On The Wall

Plates are underrated designs for kitchen walls that add depth and playfulness to your cooking and dining space. Decorative plates are available in dozens of shops, but a more creative route would be to buy some paint colors and recycle plates that aren't being used in the kitchen or dining area. This saves money and adds a personal touch to your home.

Plates on the Wall

5. Pendant Lights Over The Kitchen Island

While most kitchens look beautiful with natural lighting, it's important to maintain its brightness in the evening. Apart from illuminating the space, pendant lights act as gorgeous kitchen design pieces especially when they're placed right above an island. The combination of the two makes the kitchen appear warm, vibrant, and absolutely stunning.

Pendant Lights in Kitchen

6. Paint A Mural

This is one of the bolder kitchen designs that may not be everyone's cup of tea. It takes an adventurous and innovative spirit to commit to a kitchen mural, but it pays off because art always adds a fresh and original element to any home.

Paint Mural

7. Out With The Old, In With The New

We're talking about appliances and furniture here. If certain things in a kitchen are either hardly used or broken, then it's probably time to toss it out and replace it with something useful. Practicality is important when remodelling kitchens so consider what's necessary to keep, throw away, and invest in. Stainless steel appliances, cooktops and cookware are great for anyone looking for long-lasting and stylish equipment.

in with the new kitchens

8. Multi-Purpose Table

A space-saving tip for households with a small kitchen is to use the kitchen island as a dining table. A bigger island serves as a multi-purpose table that's great for both preparing and eating food. Of course, if there's no existing island installed, it's advisable to stick to a small dining table and invest in 1-2 extra countertops. You might like it so much you'll end up using it more than staying in the living room.

Multi Purpose Table

9. Display Copper Pans

The uniform colour and design of copper pans give off a rustic style, especially when paired with black, dark blue, and neutral yellow tones. Most modern kitchen designs maintain a three-colour scheme, so this is something to keep in mind while designing.  

Copper Pans

10. Leave Room Between The Stove And Sink

Cooking is an enjoyable task but so much can go wrong when a kitchen doesn't have adequate space, particularly between the stove and Kitchen sink. Leaving a distance of 60 centimeters between the stove and sink is one of the best kitchen ideas you can stick to. Additionally, there should be two other countertops on the opposite sides of both.

Leave room between cooktop

11. Create Contrast With The Ceiling

A creative way to add colour to an all-white kitchen is by painting the ceiling a solid pastel colour of either blue, yellow, or green. Alternatively, a white ceiling will look great in a dark or black-themed kitchen. This contrast is a simple touch that creates a dimension to a kitchen.

Ceiling Contrasts

12. Splashes Of Color

If painting the ceiling sounds like hard work, opt to paint the inside of cupboards and cabinetry instead and incorporate bright, colourful furniture like island chairs or decorative plates. Splashes of colour keep the kitchen looking stylish and lively.

Splashes of Colour

13. Plants And Paintings

Plants are every designer's best friend when they need to add life to the surroundings while paintings help in making any part of the home cosy and inviting to guests. By adding both these elements, the small space becomes more than just an everyday kitchen, it becomes a culinary haven for a family or a pair of roommates.

Plants and paintings

14. Keep The Dining Table Near Natural Light

Whether we go on beach vacations or camping trips, one of the most relaxing parts of any getaway is eating breakfast under the natural light. Keeping the dining table close to a window or glass door recreates this moment so you can feel calm and rested at the start of every day.

Natural light

15. Function First

One of the cardinal rules of designing a kitchen layout is to take note of the amount of workroom you'll need to avoid bumping into other people who are helping out in the kitchen. Being smart about where to place shelves, cabinets, and appliances help ensure a smooth workflow during prep time and maximize the available space. Make sure you don't compromise storage solutions for design because it'll backfire and you'll end up having a mess all over your benchtops or in every nook and cranny in the kitchen.

Function First

Planning your New Kitchen

Whether you have a huge or small kitchen, remodelling takes time, money, and patience. There are several DIY and interior design you can find whether you're after a Hamptons house kitchen, galley kitchen, designer kitchen, country kitchen or contemporary kitchen there are always tips that can help.  Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we'll see where we can help!