Keeping the Kitchen Sink Fresh, Fragrant and Fantastic

Keeping the Kitchen Sink Fresh, Fragrant and Fantastic

Your stainless steel kitchen sink is a valuable asset that can make the kitchen look a million dollars. But kitchen sinks have a tough life. Food is slopped onto it, saucepans scrape it, cutlery and crockery scuff it, and harsh chemicals and scratchy dish cleaners are often used in its cleaning, taking away its gleam and wow factor.

To ensure it continues to be an asset for many years to come, there is an easy, scratch-free, and environmentally friendly way to clean it, so it stays gleamingly fresh and like new, for a very long time. Here’s how.

Make sure you are prepared for the job

Before starting, gather together all the items you need. This will be bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, vegetable oil and a cleaning cloth. Wipe down the area to be cleaned with hot, soapy water so it is clear of debris. This includes taps and draining boards.

Cleaning the sink

Sprinkle bicarbonate over the area and use the cleaning cloth to push it around the sink until you feel it is clean. Rinse this off with the vinegar. Vinegar is a disinfectant that will make the bicarbonate fizz. Failure to use it will result in a powdery surface that is hard to rub off. Wash all this off with hot, soapy water and dry the area. Wipe down with a smidgen of vegetable oil and buff it off.

What about the plug?

The kitchen sink will be left fresh and clean, but the plug will need extra care. To keep it in tiptop condition, put it and a good amount of bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and pour vinegar onto it. The vinegar will fizz and the froth will quickly rise to fill the bowl, covering the plug and cleaning it thoroughly. When it has finished fizzing, tip the mixture down the plughole. This will effectively eliminate smells coming from the u-bend.

Keeping the kitchen sink looking fantastic is easy when using these natural products. Without a doubt, it will retain its original properties and be an outstanding centrepiece for many years to come. Visit our Range of Buildmat Kitchen Sinks here.