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Have You Dropped Something in Your Sink?

Don't panic but you want to make sure you don't let any more water into the sink drain.
Have You Dropped Something in Your Sink?

How Do I Get My Ring Out of the Sink?

If you were doing the dishes and dropped your ring into the kitchensink, whether its cosmetic jewellery or your wedding ring, don't panic but you want to make sure you don't let any more water into the sink drain and hopefully it's still in the water trap. if you continue to run water it might push the ring out and into the plumbing system or sewerage system which would mean it'll be almost impossible to get out. You can try and use some pliers to see if you can grab it out. If you didn't have luck with the pliers, before calling a professional plumber you can follow the below instructions and empty out the water trap and hope it's there.

Something Is Stuck in My Sink, What Do I Do?

if you've got something stuck in your stink and it's a stubborn clog it the first thing to do is to try a plunger, if that doesn't work then you can try to follow the below instructions on getting something out of your water trap.

How to Get Something Out of the Water Trap?

First prepare a container or bucket with clean soapy water and an empty bucket to catch the "trap water", depending on which trap system (p-trap or s-trap) you have you'll have to unscrew the traps, you can see where the trap is because it's below the red line. Hopefully whatever you've dropped or had clog or get stuck or in the sink or your lost item is in there. If you have a single bowl then it'll only be one trap but if you have a double bowl then there might be two.

Once you've taken the trap off and looked for your item you may as well use the opportunity to clean the plumbing fixtures because it could contain some gunk that would be making your sink smell, sometimes the drain cleaners or hot water aren't able to fully clean the gunk out, so clean this pipes in the soapy water that you prepared.

After you've cleaned the pipes you'll want to refit the paperwork, but make sure you don't over tighten the couplings and make sure that you put back any rubber washers or slip nuts that were originally there otherwise it might start to leak into your kitchen.

The whole job or exercise might take you about 15 minutes to complete. The steps could be used for stainless steel sinks, drop-in sinks, cast-iron sinks, undermount sink or top-mount sink or even bathroom sinks as all the pipeworks will be similar.

Unclog the sink trap

How Do I Avoid This from Happening Again?

If you're doing a home improvement job or DIY renovation, you'll want to make sure you factor in choosing a new sink with the right type of strainer that will allow water flow through but stop any large items from going in the drain plug or garbage disposal. If you have decided on a new sink visit our range of Buildmat Kitchen sinks here.

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