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Do Gunmetal Sinks Scratch Easily?

Gunmetal sinks are all the crazy now, but everyone is asking questions and they can't find the answers to them. You want to know whether your brand new gunmetal sink will scratch, well read on to find out.
Do Gunmetal Sinks Scratch Easily?

Gunmetal sinks are all the crazy now, but everyone is asking questions and they can't find the answers to them. You want to know whether your brand new gunmetal sink will scratch, well read on to find out.

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Do Gunmetal Grey Sinks Scratch?

This is one of the most common questions that we get when people start to look at brushed gunmetal sinks. The reason is that most modern sinks these days are made with the same stainless steel but with a more sophisticated brushed finish. The brushed finish is so beautiful when you first install it but then after using it for a few weeks people realise that their sinks scratch all over the place and often go against the brushed finish grain.

Where some people will buy a sink protector grid to try and protect their sinks from scratching, we generally advise our customers to keep using the sink and eventually your sink will be covered in scratches and you won't notice the scratching, similar to the old sink that you would've had in your old kitchen, it would've had 20+ years to scratch and you would have no idea what finish the sink was, to begin with.

Now to talk about the gunmetal sinks, they will scratch but because of the superior PVD nanotechnology that is used to apply the gunmetal colour the sink scratching is hidden extremely well, it actually scratches 10x less than on bare brushed stainless steel.


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When Should I Choose a Gunmetal Sink over a Stainless Steel Sink?

The key to the question is the design of your kitchen and its appliances. A lot of people may go for a theme in the kitchen and try their hardest to match every piece. Now the largest visible steel surface of any kitchen is most likely going to be the fridge and then the oven, these two will determine the rest of your appliances.

The reason for this is because the smaller appliances are easier to purchase and probably even replace but it's really expensive and sometimes even hard to replace larger kitchen appliances such as your fridge, oven, cooktop or range hood.

If you have gone with a gunmetal theme for your appliances then we highly recommend that you also choose a gunmetal kitchen sink and gunmetal tapware.

We also often get asked what kitchen sink will go best with matte black tapware, this is because they're trying to match the tapware in the bathroom as it's a strong trend to have matte black tapware in the bathroom and laundry room. If you're going for a matte black kitchen tap, then a gunmetal kitchen sink or gunmetal laundry tub would be the way to go as there is no matte black stainless steel sink that's because a matte black finish is usually done via electroplating or powder coating and can easily scratch off.

Can I Undermount My Gunmetal Sink?

Yes is it is definitely possible to undermount a gunmetal sink and it is the preferred method of installation as it shows a premium finish which helps keep the sink under the beautiful benchtop so that it can flow. especially if you have a stone benchtop that you want to show off.

Whether it's a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink we offer both selections in gunmetal and we are always expanding our range of gunmetal undermount sinks at Buildmat.

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Can I Top Mount My Gunmetal Sink?


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Our Buildmat Gunmetal sinks can be top mount in the kitchen, we generally find that some have saved some money on their benchtops and still want to try and make their kitchen stylish they would go for a gunmetal kitchen mixer and gunmetal topmount sink.

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Sometimes in Australia, we find that topmount gunmetal sinks are also referred to as gunmetal drop in sinks or gunmetal overmount sinks, they're all the same thing and describe how the sink will be installed. Luckily for you Buildmat sinks can be installed in all three installation methods, undermount, topmount and flushmount.

What is the best metal for a kitchen sink?

The best metal for a kitchen is our 304 grade 1.5mm thick 304-grade stainless steel because it has commercial-grade rust resistance as well as being a hard durable solid thickness to the sink.

Whether it's a double bowl sink or a single bowl sink, the best grade of stainless steel that you can get for a sink is actually marine grade sinks which are 316 stainless steel sinks, which is used for marine purposes such as on boats because they susceptible to large amounts of saltwater and prone to rusting. You can purchase marine grade 316 stainless steel sinks but they are at least 4x the price of our commercial grade 304 grade stainless steel sink, which is why we rank 304 grade as the best grade because of the rust resistance and the price points. There are other sinks in the market which are extremely cheap and is not recommended in any scenario which is 201 grade, avoid this at all costs.

What Is the Most Scratch-Resistant Sink?

The most scratch resistant sink is the gunmetal PVD sinks as the scratches appear way less than on normal stainless steel. This is because of the technology that is used to turn the stainless steel into gunmetal. Previously colouring steel was done using powder coating or electroplating which applies a layer of colour to the steel but with PVD technology the colour is absorbed into the stainless steel which makes it a lot longer wearing.

Which Sink Finish Is Best?

The best sink finish is PVD coated Stainless Steel and is done using PVD technology which is proven to be the hardest wearing of colour on any steel surface and even better than simple. It is used in kitchen sinks, laundry sinks, kitchen mixers and basin mixers and higher-end tapware.

What Is the Best Kitchen Sink Material?

the best kitchen sink material is definitely 304 grade stainless steel because it's easy to clean and extremely affordable

What Colours Are Gunmetal Sinks?

The colour of gunmetal sinks is dark grey with brushed stainless steel finishes.

Sinks that are gunmetal can also be called gun metal, gun-coloured or gun metal coloured. They fall into the category of dark grey kitchen and bathroom items since they're grey and metallic looking. Dark Silver tones work well with other shades like black, white, wood, glass and even bronze for a lavish look in your bathroom decorating project.

Gunmetal sinks are popular not only because of their appearance but also because they offer affordable luxury at home for those who want to save money while still getting something nice to put in their bathrooms for guests or just

What Is a Gunmetal Sink Made Of?

Buildmat's gunmetal sinks are made of 1.5mm premium 304 grade stainless steel that has gone through the PVD process of gunmetal colouration which changes the nature and colour of steel into gunmetal. This finalised product is more hardwearing and scratch resistant than the usual stainless steel.

What Else Do I Need to Match My Gunmetal Sinks?


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If you've decided to go with a gunmetal sink then we highly recommend that you also look at Buildmat's large range of kitchen accessories that are designed specifically for our sinks. There are portable draining boards, chopping boards, colanders and gunmetal basket wastes.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Buildmat’s Gunmetal Sinks

Buildmat's sinks are known to be created by Australian designers in Melbourne and have always innovated in their product range and product development. We use higher specifications for our products compared to the rest of the industry and sell directly to the customer rather than going through expensive retailers. This is why we can have a higher specification product and longer warranty despite being very affordable. Come visit our showroom in Melbourne to learn more.

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