by Vivian Garzon

Do Black Mixers Scratch Easily?

There is a rise of demand for black mixers recently and in the past years, but one question that will most certainly come up before purchasing is - will it scratch? Continue reading to find out.
Do Black Mixers Scratch Easily?

There is a steady rise in demand for matte black sink mixers in Australia but one question that will most certainly come up before purchasing is - will it scratch?

Like most things at home, there is a natural wear and tear to which products are subjected to and matte black mixer taps are no different.

They will require a bit of extra care to ensure the black finish is kept in good condition for as long as possible, but will these matte black sink mixers be worth it?

Do Black Taps Scratch Easily?

We get this question a lot and not just for the matte black sink mixers. Generally, fittings get their colour through different finishing methods done by their manufacturers.

This is where you factor in how this particular tapware scratches. Powder coating and electroplating are two of the most commonly used methods for colouring matte black mixer taps.

It is best to know the difference between the two so you have the means to make an informed choice before purchasing a black finish tapware for your kitchen or bathroom vanities, and what type of finish will best suit your application and needs.

The most significant difference between the two is the application procedure. Electroplating is a wet process which involves passing electric current through positively charged electrolytes inside a tank.

This gives the product an additional resistance from abrasion and corrosion. In comparison, powder coating will involve electrostatically applying free-form powder to the item and then curing it under ultraviolet (UV) light.

This process of dry powder coating basically acts as a durable coat of paint. This method is also more sustainable than electroplating because the powder used can be recycled. While both methods are low-cost procedures, both can offer more durability and resistance to corrosion.

Mira matte Black Mixer with Penny Gunmetal sinkImage Source: Buildmat - Matte black Mira Pull-Out Mixer Tap

Placement/location of the sink mixer will also be an important factor to take into consideration. Kitchen mixer taps are more likely to be rough handled as compared to bathroom basin mixers.

The kitchen is an area with higher traffic for use with greater touch point therefore this will equal to having a substantial chance for accidentally hitting the matte black kitchen mixers while washing big pots and pans, sharp knives, or trays.

Those are things we can’t avoid in a kitchen especially when you have pullouts, you just have to be mindful and exercise additional care to avoid damage. As for black basin mixers on your vanities, it may get some impact on the surface when you are washing your hands with jewellery on them such as rings or bracelets. 

Matte black kitchen sink mixers in general will need more attention and will require some level of caution when in use. You would also want to consider how many or who will use the matte black sink mixers the most.

When it’s just adults with enough caution, you won’t have to worry too much. However, if you consider yourself living with people who are quite heavy handed, you might have to sit with them and discuss the simple care and maintenance the matte black mixer taps will require. 

Are Black Taps Hard to Keep Clean?

Mixers come in various colours and styles but their function remains the same. Depending on the usage, all mixer taps will require some level of care to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Mira matte black mixer with penny gunmetal sink

Image Source: Buildmat - Matte black Mira Pull-Out Mixer Tap

A simple cleaning routine will do just fine and doing that continuously will work wonders for your mixer taps in the long run.

We tend to think about cleaning being overly complicated but there is absolutely no need for special cleaning agents or chemicals when it comes to matte black sink mixers.

If you start to notice hard water stains building up, do not grab a bottle of vinegar or rub lemon all over your sink mixer. Anything acidic, abrasive or any harsh chemicals (such as bleach) will only do more harm than good.

Save yourself the hassle - routinely rinse the sink mixer from top to bottom with warm soapy water or a pH balanced soap-based cleanser.

You can then wipe it after with a soft microfiber towel, these are cheap and readily available towels that won’t scratch the matte black surface. Remember to clean the area surrounding the base too.

Unlike stainless steel, brushed nickel, gunmetal, or other metallic finishes, fingerprints in black mixers will be less visible due to the matte surface - because it’s black, minor stains wouldn’t show as much and you will not be able to notice it until it builds up.

You can avoid that by keeping a soft microfiber towel nearby so you can wipe it down after using. Some people might think that wouldn’t be ideal but part of keeping your tapware looking pristine is that you have to be consistent in keeping water marks off. 

How Do You Remove Limescale From Black Taps?

If you find yourself not having the time to do a consistent weekly cleaning routine for your matte black mixer taps, you might be faced with a limescale problem.

Take a few minutes each week to rinse out your sink mixer from oils or soap products that may have stuck to it.

Draw extra attention to keeping specific parts clean, such as the spout and the area where the sink mixer swivels, as those will have nooks and crannies where particles and hard water may build up over time.

Harsh disinfectants and chemical cleaners will compromise the finish of your matte black sink mixers whether it be powder coated or electroplated.

Again, cleaning it as simply as possible with just warm soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth would be the best way to do it.

Gently wipe the mixer taps in a circular motion until you can get rid of the stain/limescale.

Cons of Having Black Tapware

Constant exposure to UV light and general wear and tear will cause your black mixer taps to fade over time. However, a regular cleaning routine will allow for the sink mixer to remain in that striking matte black colour for many years.

Accidents can occur before using the actual sink mixer and it might get damaged even before installation. We would suggest you make sure to inspect the products before you have them installed, get a licensed trades personnel to help you with this and double check the warranty on their services as well. It is not recommended you do the installation yourself whether it be a matte black mixer or any other tapware.

Chemicals or wax based cleaners will always spell disaster for matte black sink mixers. There might be chemicals that can compromise the black finish of the mixers and there is no going back once you get that damaged. As always, keep your cleaning routine simple with just warm soapy water and keep it dry after use.

Another con for black finish basin mixers especially when installed in bathroom vanities is that make up particles can fall on them creating almost a cloudy surface on your tapware. That is why it’s always handy to keep a microfiber cloth ready and on hand to wipe away dust or make up. 


Black Tapware Will Remain in Trend for Many Years to Come

Whether matte black mixer taps remain on trend or not, it will still remain a visually striking piece. It has an aesthetic appeal that would suit a lot of different styles and will not feel out of place or outdated depending on the overall style that you are going for in your home. 

Buildmat Lincoln gunmetal sink with Charlotte matte black mixer

Image Source: Buildmat - Brushed Gunmetal Lincoln 825x450 Single + 3/4 Bowl Sink with Charlotte Square Matte Black Mixer

Black is a striking colour but remember that it is also neutral. Most will shy away from matte black sink mixers thinking it might be too much but what is great is that it gives the space an accent or a feature without overpowering your space because it matches a great deal of materials from white tiles, concrete, wood, and stone.

People are so used to seeing the traditional stainless steel/chrome or brass/gold tapware that a matte black mixer tap becomes a conversation piece because it instantly sparks interest and gives the space an edge.

Imagine this, a modern and sleek kitchen with a matte black gooseneck or square mixer towering over your sink on the marble benchtop with black/white cabinets - there is a versatility in this aesthetic that made it a popular choice for years on end.

In comparison, some will go for a more industrial and rustic feel and black mixer taps will still look good in it. You can have it installed in a high end smart kitchen or a retro and quirky half bath to match your personal style. Either way, matte black sink mixers will make a bold statement in your home.

This only goes to show that the variety of design styles matte black mixer taps will look good in is endless, it’s only a matter of complementing it with your finishes from the floor to wall, to the benchtop, the appliances, and even the décor.

That’s why there shouldn’t be any worries about matte black sink mixers being out of fashion because that will depend on your overall design aesthetic. Designers have agreed that matte black mixer taps are here to stay for many years to come.

If you’re still concerned about it being a timestamp in your home - replacing it in 15-20 years will always be an option but for now, go for it and revel in your stunning matte black tapware.

Trends come and go, and these matte black sink mixers may fall out of it too but unlike fads, black is a versatile and timeless colour.

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