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    Buildmat Wins International Architecture Products Award

    by Jimmy Tang
    Buildmat Wins International Architecture Products Award

    Buildmat Wins Global Architecture Product Award

    Buildmat has used all the knowledge that it’s gained from the feedback of customers, builders, interior designers and architects to find out what the most underutilised area of the kitchen was and how we could improve that. That’s where the story began of how Buildmat won the International Architecture Masterprize Product Design Award of 2020.  

    The Architecture MasterPrize is an international initiative with the mission to advance the appreciation of quality architectural design worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, the group has a panel of esteemed jury of architects and leaders in the architecture world and as part of the competition they will select Product Designs that the jury believes has demonstrated innovation, excellent functionality and overall design excellence. 

    Buildmat Kitchen sinks are created with a strong customer focus and we are continually updating our product range. 2020 saw us tackle one of the most difficult problems to solve in the kitchen: wasted space. All the feedback that had been given to us, we had found that the most common problem was trying to utilise the awkward corner in the kitchen.
    What customers found was there wasn’t a kitchen sink in the market that had the modern aesthetics that allowed it to be overmount or undermount on the bench top while still keeping a symmetrical design. We have tried to allow someone to choose both with our Buildmat kitchen corner sink. 

    The design will allow people to maximise the use of small kitchens and also being able to replace current sinks with a more modern design often allows people to just replace the sink as part of their renovation with out having to replace their entire kitchen to achieve an aesthetic refresh of their kitchen.

    A kitchen corner sink traditionally looked a bit awkward and was never appealing, leaving a renovator either having to choose between functionality or design aesthetics of their kitchen. We have tried to allow someone to choose both with our Buildmat kitchen corner sink.