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7 Things Visitors Always Notice About Your Home


Homeowners like to welcome and entertain visitors to their homes. They prepare their house for their coming and stay, and to prepare, hosts clean their homes and offer food and drinks.

When your house is all-over the place messy, sometimes you don’t know which part of your house you are going to clean and de-clutter first. 

To be fully prepared and know which room or amenities you must get ready first, below are the seven things that visitors always notice right when they have their first step in your house.


7 Things Your Guests Always Notice When They Enter Your Home


Image Source: Henry & Co

Don't panic when you are about to receive visitors to your home. To welcome them, here are the things they notice when they enter your home and our suggestions on what to do with them.


Most visitors remove their shoes or slippers once they enter your main door and about to step on the floor. It is a sign of respect to the homeowners, and for some, it is to maintain cleanliness as they come from outside. Some people also tend to look down on the flooring before stepping inside, to watch what they are stepping into. 

What to Do: Keep your flooring clean from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom. Not only is it not safe to have unclean floors, but your visitors wouldn't want to step on dirty, greasy, or sticky floors.

Bill Griffin, the president of Cleaning Consultant Services in Seattle, said, “A clean floor is almost always less slippery than a dirty floor.” He further said, “Contaminants, whether grease or soil, act like roller bearings under your feet.”

Likewise, Laura Bonucchi, director of interior design for Designed to Sell Homes, LLC said, “There’s nothing worse than walking into the kitchen and feeling like you are stepping on crumbs or something sticky.”

Don't forget to clean your floors by sweeping and then mopping them with a clean broom and mop before your visitors arrive. Look for contaminants, grease, or soil, and make sure you remove them.


Toilet and Bath or Powder Room


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Your guests will use your toilet and bath or powder room. This part of your house is what guests notice most.

Maeve Richmond, the founder of the organizing company Maeve’s Method, said, “Houseguests are definitely going to notice bathrooms because they are going to be using them.” She further said, “It’s a good opportunity to look and see what the bathroom looks like; because that’s an area people take for granted. It’s hard to look at a bathroom with fresh eyes on a day-to-day basis.”

What to Do: The best thing to do is clean your bathroom or powder room. Check out and clean the fixtures such as vanity, lavatory, toilet bowl, floor drain, sink drain, and flooring. Make sure you have a hand towel and toilet paper. Also, remove any mold or stains.

Eva Byrne of Houseology said, “Mold is the no.1 enemy in the bathroom, so all choices should relate to preventing it from growing.” Consider adding a ventilation fan to stop the mold from growing.

Remove the dust on the top of the flush tank and the dirt on the toilet bowl and vanity. Also, get rid of the hairs stuck in the lavatory and floor shower drains. This is an off-putting sight and is also unhygienic. Use disinfecting spray or white vinegar for the toilet floors. Make sure that the toilet floors are dry and clean.


Living Room/ Sofa and Chairs


Image Source: C. Goli

The living room is where you will receive your guests. They will sit on the provided seats, such as sofas, ottoman seats, and accent chairs. Your guests will notice your living or receiving area and where they will sit.

What to Do: Cheyenne from Insider said that once you free your living room from clutters, it will make it bright, clean, and relaxing. Prepare your seats by cleaning them removing dust or any stains. If you are using a sofa cover and sofa blanket, make sure they are clean. Also, choose a sofa cover, blanket, and throw pillows that complement each other with appropriate colours and styles.

Don't put too many accessories on the centre table and side table. The centre table and side table must be about 70% de-clutter. Try not to put too many throw pillows on the sofas as this can lead to a cluttered and busy look. Your living room should look spacious and inviting.


Kitchen/Kitchen Counter or Island Counter


Image Source: R, Architecture

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and can also be where you entertain your guests. Some homeowners entertain their visitors while cooking, and most of the houses today have an open plan, in which you can see the kitchen and dining room once you enter the living room. With this, the kitchen becomes more noticeable to the visitors.

What to Do: Make your kitchen is appealing to the visitors by cleaning it. Declutter the island counter, where most visitors hang out and sit while you cook. Clean the kitchen sink, which is the dirtiest amenity in the kitchen. Don't forget to mop the kitchen floors. Remove the grease, oil splash, and dirt. Consider adding fresh flowers on the kitchen benchtop, which can add a fresh look and smell to your kitchen.


The Smell of the House

It's always delightful to hear your visitors say your house smells good. Visitors will notice the smell of your home, whether a foul smell or a pleasant odor.

What to Do: Check out the things in your house that might emit a bad smell. These include carpets, garbage, a pile of shoes, a sofa cover, and a blanket. Make sure that they are clean with a pleasant odor. Throw the trash in the garbage can outside so the garbage truck can collect it before your visitors arrive.

Have a dehumidifier, or aroma diffuser with inviting essential oil scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, ocean, honeysuckle, and magnolia, among others.

Dee Murphy, an interior designer, said, “Anchor a few candles where you would least expect them to be but don’t light them.” He also advises using linen closets or fabrics to absorb the scent and carry the aroma with them.

A good-smelling home certainly creates a good atmosphere for your visitors.


Pet Hair and Human Hair

A lot of pet hair and human hair on the floors of your home can be an indicator of an unclean house. Visitors will notice hairs in your home, whether visibly seeing them, having it stick on their clothing or feeling them on the floors.

What to Do: Remove the hairs on the floors and even on sofas using a vacuum. Sweep the floors with a clean broom. Keep away the pet’s toys for a while as well as its food and water bowl.




Image Source: M. Vakhtbovych

Dana Wolter, an interior designer said, “The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home, so I always look for ways to create a chic and inviting space that makes a great first impression.” The entryway is indeed noticeable for the guests as it is the place where they enter and exit.

What to Do: Make your entryway appealing and inviting. Remove any clutters such as shoes, slippers, or dirty mats. Provide sleek chairs or bench or storage for shoes as some visitors take their slippers and sneakers off.

Or you can also put an accent table with a decorative wall mirror on top of the table. Consider highlighting the wall of the entryway with bold wallpaper and adding some plants too. Don't forget to clean and sweep the floor of the entryway. These things can make a good first impression of your home.


Impress Your Guests

Minding the things visitors always notice in a home can create a welcoming visit. Executing appropriate things to do as mentioned above provide for a more comfortable and enjoyable stay. Most of all, it will leave your guests with a good impression of you and your home.

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