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5 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Doing a Complete Remodel

Kitchen remodeling can be stressful, expensive and inconvenient, but it’s possible to avoid these downsides. There are quick fixes you can make to refresh your kitchen and Kitchen Sink

5 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Doing a Complete Remodel

Kitchen remodeling can be stressful, expensive and inconvenient, but it’s possible to avoid these downsides. There are quick fixes you can make to refresh your kitchen, even if you don’t want to endure either the hassle or expense of kitchen remodeling. Read on to discover 5 easy ways you can refresh your kitchen without doing a complete remodel.

1. Update Your Kitchen Sink



Since kitchen sink trends have evolved dramatically over the past few years, installing a new sink is one of the quickest ways to make an outdated kitchen look more current. If your kitchen sink has a visible seam around the edges that collects crumbs and dirt, it’s definitely time to update it. A trendy newundermount sinkwill eliminate that unsightly seam. This results in better kitchen hygiene and a greatly improved appearance.

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2. Decorate With Greenery


Green plants will invigorate any tired kitchen space with fresh new energy and vitality. Kitchen herbs like basil are ideal for this purpose. They can flourish indoors in pots, and they make a functional inclusion in the kitchen décor. Herbs aren’t your only option, as there are many different plant species that grow readily in the kitchen.

This idea can work beautifully for you even if your kitchen doesn’t have windows, skylights or adequate sunlight. Simply place artificial plants in the space instead of live ones.

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3. Update Your Kitchen Colour Palette


Nothing makes a kitchen look outdated like a colour scheme that hit peak popularity in the far distant past. For example, if your kitchen is decorated in shades of brown left over from the 1990s Tuscan trend, it’s time to choose a fresh colour palette. Top choices right now include white, navy blue or a black and white combination. There are many other exciting colour schemes that could be successfully implemented in your kitchen, so choose one that will delight you every time you spend time in your kitchen.

4. Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances


If it has been more than a decade since your kitchen was last remodeled, upgrading your appliances can be a smart use of funds. Brand new energy-efficient and water-efficient kitchen appliances not only make your kitchen look better; they might also reduce your household expenses in the form of lower energy bills and less wasted water in the kitchen.

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5. Eliminate Unused Gadgets and Other Kitchen Clutter


Clean is the most desirable characteristic in an on-trend kitchen right now. To achieve the streamlined look that’s popular at the moment, you’ll want to rid your kitchen of all extraneous objects.

While most people don’t think of their kitchen gadgets and small appliances as clutter, they can definitely contribute to a cluttered appearance in the kitchen. It’s all too easy to accumulate bunches of kitchen gadgets that you don’t really use or need. Hide your frequently-used gadgets in the pantry, drawers or cabinets; donate or give away any that you could live without. Simplify wherever possible to achieve a spacious, clutter-free look in your kitchen.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to realise that a complete kitchen remodel may not be necessary, even if the current state of your kitchen is far from ideal. If you take action to implement one or more of these 5 suggestions, you’ll have a great start at making your kitchen look more up-to-date.

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