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4 Tips When Buying A Hamptons Style Kitchen Sink

4 Tips When Buying A Hamptons Style Kitchen Sink

The Hamptons Coastal style of interior design has well and truly been taking Australia by storm, with many Aussie households across the country gleaming inspiration from the style’s signature beachy and fresh aesthetic. Designing Hamptons Coastal style interiors generally entails using plenty of white paint and design accents that incorporate natural materials, like classically woven jute rugs and wicker furnishings.

But how exactly can you incorporate elements of Hamptons Coastal into more functional spaces of your home like kitchens and bathrooms, where natural fibres and build materials like timber must pave the way for more practical materials like steel, marble, and porcelain?

We’ll be exploring some of the Hamptons Coastal style’s most intrinsic design principles alongside examining what makes in our eclectic collection of kitchen sinks here at BuildMat may be best suited to helping you cultivate not only the perfect coastal feel to compliment your interiors, but to also create a kitchen workspace that strikes a winning balance between functionality and aesthetics.

1. Lean into Luxury Living with Gold Finished Fixtures

Having originated in the affluent Hamptons region of New York, the Hamptons Coastal style is known for its effortless melding between laid back and luxury living. What this means is that whilst the majority of your design elements should feel organic and grounded to equip your interiors with a down-to-earth atmosphere, your accents can absolutely be vibrant and bold to add a touch of dynamism.

Potential accents that can feel perfectly suited to your Hamptons style interior include polished wall clocks, modern wall art adorned by golden frames, and decorative couch cushions to add a touch of colour and soft texture.

But it’s not just your accents that can display a little touch of luxury! In fact, a lot of interior designers advocate for the use of gold finished textures to provide your Hamptons inspired kitchen with a foundational yet still sensibly underlying sense of luxury. Our Brushed Brass Gold Cody Sink is likely to feel totally at home in any Hamptons style kitchen space for that reason. The Cody Sink’s matching brass gold bottom grid, strainer, and sizable drainboard will also ensure that your kitchen set-up looks just as uniform as it is functional.

Alongside its gorgeous gold colouring, our Cody Sink is also deceptively heavy duty, having been produced with 1.5 mm thick 304 stainless steel and boasting a 45L capacity. Its single bowl design is also well-suited to kitchen spaces that are likely to use large pots on a regular basis, whether it be for sensible meal prep or for cooking up fabulous feasts for easy entertaining.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Contrast Colours

Although our minds are quick to imagine gold finished fixtures when we think of ‘luxury’, there’s still no denying that the Hamptons Coastal style of interior design is renowned for its affinity to make organic design elements feel surprisingly luxurious. There are a few design tricks going on in the background to achieve this.

First of all, the Hamptons Coastal style actively makes use of organic materials that are in vogue. This is precisely why we absolutely have to recommend our Brushed Copper Madison Double Bowl Sink too! As a rich and highly versatile hue in its own right, brushed copper is incredibly invigorating to work with, especially in interior spaces that are looking to meld modernity with rusticity.

The sound padding installed in all the sides as well as the basin of the Madison Sink also means that this kitchen sink is significantly less likely to produce loud, abrasive clanging during your kitchen clean-up processes. Kitchen sinks fitted with sound padding are highly recommended for Hamptons style interiors, as this design feature will be sure to maintain your space’s effortlessly zen atmosphere with minimal fuss.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Set-up Modular for Easy Entertaining

Of course, one of the benefits of creating gorgeous interior spaces is that you can throw dinner parties and family gatherings at a moment’s notice that are always sure to please. Hamptons Coastal interiors are no exception here, as their perfect blend of refinery and relaxation make some of the most warm and inviting settings attainable, especially in modern Australian homes.

If you’d like to make your kitchen space ready for a great variety of festive occasions, then opting for a highly modular design is definitely recommended. Modular kitchens allow modern makers to switch up their space with absolute ease, allowing you to switch from food preparation to buffet-style food presentation in just a matter of minutes.

We designed our Piper Portable Mini Sink with modular kitchen spaces in mind. This 15L capacity portable sink basin allows dinner hosts to temporarily separate their larger single sink basin into two easy basins. Our Piper Mini Sink is perfectly suited for defrosting meats, or simply separating utensils and cutlery from larger items like pots, pans, and dinner plates.

Buildmat Piper Portable Mini Sink

Piper Portable Mini Sink

Suitable for for 450 long, all depths

The slightly darker brushed stainless steel finish of the Piper Mini Sink also ensures that this innovative little kitchen helper perfectly complements all kinds of kitchen spaces as well as a variety of different kitchen sink makes. Whether you have a kitchen sink with a gunmetal, copper, brass gold, or traditional stainless steel finish, the Piper Mini Sink is guaranteed to feel right at home atop your existing basin.

4. When in Doubt, Invest in Practicality

Finally, if you’re not looking to lean in too heavily with regards to your Hamptons Coastal inspired design elements, then we absolutely encourage that you invest in practical kitchen fittings and fixtures wherever possible. We have a wide range of stainless steel kitchen sinks and fixtures that are sure to align with the design style of any kitchen space.

Our Stainless Steel Theo Double Bowl Sink , for instance, is sure to shine in any interior space. With two evenly sized double bowls totalling a maximum capacity of a whopping 64L, as well as a decently sized drainboard to boot, the Theo Sink is well-suited to larger households who have a variety of food preparation needs. Given its 1200 x 500 mm sizing, the Theo Sink is also likely to look particularly at home if your kitchen space is fitted with longer, narrower countertops.

Buildmat Theo 1200x500 Double Bowl

Theo 1200x500 Double Bowl

Perfect for domestic and commercial application

What if you’re looking for versatile, practical fixtures but aren’t a fan of stainless steel? Then look no further than our Brushed Gunmetal Avisa Large Single Bowl Sink . The Avisa boasts a larger sized bowl without a drainboard, which some households may prefer, simply because you’ll be able to retain as much of your kitchen benchtop space as possible. The gunmetal finish of this particular model works quite well without a drainboard, however, as the darker colouring of the bowl adds both colour and depth contrast for Hamptons Coastal inspired kitchen spaces.


Brushed Gunmetal Avisa 700x450

Perfect as a kitchen sink or laundry trough.

Simply put, if you’re looking to curate a Hamptons Coastal space that can evolve alongside the zeitgeist, any of the kitchen sink models that we’ve outlined above will be sure to enhance your kitchen space in the short term, as well as keep them fairly versatile and adaptable over the next decade or so of modern interior design innovations.

Contact our friendly team at BuildMat if you have any questions about any of the kitchen sink models we’ve highlighted today, or any of the other kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sinks and fixtures that we offer in our extensive range .

Buildmat Handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks

Shop Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks

On the hunt for more home design and renovation tips and tricks? Be sure to check out our BuildMat blog too, to gain some great insights and ideas delivered straight from the minds of our in-house designers to you!

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