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Top 3 Sinks for Your Caravan

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A caravan or a camper trailer will not be complete without a caravan sink. The sink is just as important as other caravan accessories such as water carriers, chargers, adaptors, towing mirrors, tow balls, jacks, caravan inverters, freshwater hand pump, water tanks, water pumps, antennas, waste disposal, air conditioners, and the pillows on your caravan bed.

There are many caravan sinks out in the market now. However, we would like to share some of the best caravan sinks that we think might fit properly and be useful to your caravan. Their function and durability can make your travel comfortable and memorable. Let us talk first about what these caravan sinks can do for you. 

Why should you get a sink in a caravan? 

A caravan is a camper and a trailer that you can stay while on a travel destination or vacation to a wonderful place for days. Hence, you need to maintain your hygiene by washing your hands frequently. But most of all, you need to cook food to nourish your body while away from home. 

Because of this, you need a caravan sink that you can use for your cooking in your oven with range hoods. You must wash the food before you cook and also wash your dishes and other cooking utensils to make everything sanitary for you while on vacation. 


Things to Consider in Choosing a Caravan Sink 


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There are things that you need to take into account when choosing a caravan sink. Among them are the following: 


Dimensions are of foremost importance when choosing a caravan sink. Is the sink proportion to your caravan kitchen counter? If you have a big kitchen counter, you may opt for a large caravan sink. However, if your kitchen is cramped, then it is better to choose a caravan sink suitable for your small kitchen counter.  


The material of the caravan sink must be durable. This includes the stainless steel sink that won’t rust easily and is strong too. There are also sinks made from plastic, which is more corrosion-resistant, however, may become loose in time and leak. 

The plastic sink is cheaper too than the stainless steel sink. So, it also depends on your budget. But, if you have a budget and opting for durability the stainless steel sink works better. Some of these sinks come with couplings, a sink plug, a spout, and other spare parts. 


Types of Caravan Sinks 

We recommend the following types of sinks for your caravan because of their functionality. 

A Single Bowl Sink with a Gooseneck Tap 

A single bowl sink with a gooseneck tap has the following advantages: 

  • A single bowl sink is a space saver. It can fit in small counters, particularly in the caravan. 
  • It is also roomier in which you can wash large pans and pots, unlike a double bowl that is divided. 
  • A gooseneck tap releases more water than a conventional faucet, a sink mixer, or a mixer tap. Also, you can comfortably wash the dishes and your hands because it is placed high over the sink and can swivel it too. No need to worry if you use your left hand. You can wash and use your hands comfortably. 

Integrated Sink with Tap and Lid 

An integrated sink is a sink incorporated in a countertop. Most of them have the same material or finishes. It can induce a customized feel and seem luxurious in a home or a caravan. Some of them have a tap and a lid. Among its benefits are the following: 

  • The integrated sink with tap and lid looks stylish in a caravan. 
  • The sink is flushed in the countertop making it a space saver. 
  • It has a lid that provides added space when closed. 

Sink with Side Drainboard 

Drainboard sinks can help you dry your dishes on one side. The surface of the drainboard is slanted to allow the water to flow in the sink, then to the drain. If you opt for this type of sink, you will get the following: 

  • It keeps your countertop clean and dry. 
  • The drainboard can gather and collect food scraps. 
  • It dries your dishes before putting them in your kitchen cabinet. 


3 Best Caravan Sinks for 2022

We think that these 3 caravan sinks are worthy to consider. Let us take a look at them and what they can provide for you. Also take into account their features and know which of them is suitable for your caravan. 


SMEV Stainless Steel Sink - 8000 Series 

Our top caravan sink is the SMEV Stainless Steel Sink- 8000 Series. It is ideal for caravans because of its measurements and functionality. It is made from stainless steel, which is known for its toughness and durability. 

It has a lid cover constructed from glass that can fold down when the sink is not in use. This is perfect for preparing food for your cooking such as having bbq or cooking combo meals.

The glass lid is also heat-resistant and good for your safety. You don't have to worry about breaking it with hot food or hot water. This SMEV sink also comes with a strong stainless steel faucet. So, no need to purchase a tap separately.


  • Has a decent size perfect for caravan with about 420mm x 440mm dimensions, with 145mm deep with 40mm drain hole 
  • With AC540 siphon that makes water flow efficiently and prevents odour from the waste pipe. 
  • Contains hot and cold taps with tap fittings of about ⅜ inch BSP mate 
  • With the inclusion of straight waste or waste outlet
  • Heat-resistant, hinged, and glass lid cover 
  • Constructed from stainless steel 
  • With 1 year warranty 


Dometic Sink and Drainer 

Dometic sink is a combination of a stainless steel sink with a drainer. It is one of our best choices because of its practicality and suitability to limited space. The drainer can dry the dishes and make your countertop clean too. The size is not too big and can fit your caravan perfectly. The stainless steel sink with drainer is lightweight with about 2.6 kg. Also, it won’t rust easily and is very durable. 


  • Has a size of 590mmx 370mm x 125mm (WxDxH), which is not that big 
  • Constructed from a durable stainless steel 
  • Integrated with a drainer for added feature and use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • A waste hole of about 40mm 
  • 1-year warranty 


Camec Stainless Steel Round Sink 

Next on our list is the Camec Stainless Steel Round Sink with about 450mm diameter. It is kind of low profile in looks, hence, it is perfect for limited space such as the trailer or camper. Another thing that we like about this round sink is that it is deep. You can wash several dishes inside it without messing your kitchen in the caravan. And you can clean large cookware such as pots and pans. 

The sink is made from stainless steel, which is resilient and dent-proof. It is also wear-resistant and tear-resistant. No worries about cracks and rust too. The look is visually appealing and ideal for the interiors of a caravan. 


  • A decent size of about 450mm in diameter
  • High-quality stainless steel 
  • Has mounting clips 
  • It is a deep sink that can accommodate several dishes
  • It is a space saver suitable for a caravan 


Caravan Sinks are Game-changers

Caravan sinks are useful and have great benefits in the limited space of a camper or a motorhome. You can do your cooking on your cooktops or ovens, wash dishes, and maintain hygiene by washing your hands with it. 

Feel free to check out the features and more in-depth information of the top 3 sinks we have recommended, and opt for a sink that is suitable for your needs. 

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