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Australian Kitchen Design Tips: How To Create A Flawless & Functional Sink Set-Up

Australian Kitchen Design Tips: How To Create A Flawless & Functional Sink Set-U

When it comes to kitchen design, it can be easy to overlook the sink area in favour of sleek stovetops and the latest furnishings, but the wet zone of your kitchen should not be overlooked. A well planned and designed kitchen sink set-up can make all the difference between a functional and stylish space.

So, in this blog post, we would like to share some design tips that may help you turn a cluttered mess into a sleek and streamlined area that makes cleaning, preparing food and washing dishes a breeze.

1. Find the perfect placement

The first thing to think about when it comes to designing your sink area is how the placement fits in with the overall 'flow' of the kitchen. The wet zone is one of the busiest spots in the kitchen, so you want to make sure that you have enough space to comfortably move around and that you can walk freely from your sink to the pantry, kitchen island, fridge and so on.

You also want to make sure that it is well lit, especially near the sink, so it's important to establish how the wet zone with be illuminated at different times of the day.

2. Plan your water supply

As well as making sure you have the correct sink size, you also need to plan your water supply carefully. You will generally have two options – either have a separate tap specifically for the basin or, more commonly, a dual-tap system where both taps can be turned on at the same time if required.

If the latter option is chosen then it is worth considering adding a diverter valve to make sure that both taps can be turned on at the same time without having to compromise on water pressure.

3. Select the right sink

You should also think carefully about what type of sink will work best for your wet zone - a stainless steel single bowl like our Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink? A brushed brass gold sink like the Madison 775x450 Double Bowl Sink? Or perhaps something like the Orlando 1125x450 Double Bowl with Drain Board Sink that offers extra space for draining dishes.

Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink at Buildmat

Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink

X-Shaped Fall Design to Central waste

Madison 775x450 Double Bowl Sink at Buildmat

Madison 775x450 Double Bowl Sink

Exterior coating to prevent condensation

The best type of sink for a kitchen is one that is movable as this gives you the flexibility to customise the space each time you need it. Whether it’s a single bowl or double-bowl configuration, it's vital to select a kitchen sink style that best suits your needs.

4. Decide on a faucet

You will also have the option of choosing your style of sink faucet – a chrome or self-rimming or a ceramic. Choosing the right type of faucet will make all the difference in terms of design, making your sink area look sleek and streamlined.

We would recommend that you make sure that you select a sink faucet that complements the rest of your kitchen's furnishings.

5. Plan your basin size


You also need to think about basin size as this will determine the style and design of your sink. Choosing a basin that is too large or too small can make it look cluttered and messy, especially if you opt for a double bowl sink, so this is something that needs to be carefully considered.

If a sink with a built-in drainboard like our Cody 950x450 Single Bowl w Drain Board Sink isn't to your taste, you will also need to think about space for installing your own drainboards as this will determine how the space is divided up.

In conclusion, sink design is a very important part of your kitchen and therefore, needs to be given the right amount of consideration. Once you have chosen your choice of sink, you can then fine-tune it with a fabulous selection of accessories including lighting, appliances and a range of decorative dishwashers.

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