Grow it Vertically: 3 Creative Ideas for Vertical Gardens in Your Home

Vertical gardens are en vogue these days. They first started popping up in airports, hotels, and offices but they are now a home decor staple.

Vertical gardens grow upwards, making them ideal for small living areas. In the garden, they are great to disguise flaws or to complement existing gardens and lawns, but starting one takes time. You have to build the wall, plant the seedlings and wait for it to grow. Then, there is the regular watering and feeding involved in maintaining your vertical garden.

A simpler solution for time-poor homeowners is to consider getting a synthetic vertical garden. Synthetic vertical gardens these days are so 'life-like' that they trick the eye into believing they are living blooms, not fake. They are also easy to install with practically zero maintenance.

Here are some creative ideas to use vertical gardens in your home:

1. Dress up a wall

Forget about wall art or prints to dress up a wall; install an interior garden instead. A fern vertical garden is great for adding texture and colour to your interior design.

Turn your balcony from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ with a wall-to-floor vertical garden. Choose a tropical foliage to create a breezy, summery tropical paradise, or go for lilies to recreate your own private secret garden in the sky.

To create a seamless flow of greenery from indoor living to outdoor garden, install a vertical garden on one side of the patio in your home.

2. Add greenery

If you have a garage office or a basement office, a vertical garden can bring the garden into your workspace. Installing a vertical garden declutters a small confined area and turns it into a lively and interesting space to work.

3. Hide a flaw

In the garden, vertical gardens can turn a plain wall or a fence into an instant lush green hedge.

Vertical gardens come in many different designs and you will be able to find one that complements existing plants and lawn. Consider English boxwood for a stately look. Go for tropical if you want more ‘va-va-voom’ or turn a wall into a feature with red leaf photinia.

Plants are known to improve concentration and focus, boost mood and aid healing. So why not bring some into your home today? Check out our website for all the different and versatile options you can use to create that interesting feature that will have all your guests talking.