by Vivian Garzon

Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome Tapware – Which is Best for Your Space?

Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome Tapware – Which is Best for Your Space?

When it comes to choosing tapware for your bathroom or kitchen, the finish can significantly influence the room's overall aesthetic and functionality. Two of the most popular finishes – brushed nickel tapware and chrome tapware – offer distinct advantages and styles. But which one is the best fit for your space? Let's dive into the characteristics, pros, and cons of each to help you make the right choice for your project. 

Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome Tapware

Brushed Nickel Tapware: Understated Elegance


Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome Tapware – Which is Best for Your Space?


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Brushed nickel tapware is loved for its matte finish and warm undertone. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re aiming for an elegant, slightly muted look in your space. Its versatility makes it a great match for various design styles, from modern to classic.

Pros of Brushed Nickel Tapware:
  • Versatile Design: Matches well with a wide array of colour schemes and styles.
  • Low Maintenance: The matte finish hides fingerprints and water spots, making it easier to keep looking clean.
  • Durability: Offers good resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its look over time.

Cons of Brushed Nickel Tapware:

  • Colour Variation: Can sometimes appear differently under various lighting conditions.
  • Availability: Might not be as widely available as chrome, potentially limiting your choices.

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Chrome Tapware: Classic and Reflective


Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome Tapware – Which is Best for Your Space?


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Chrome tapware is known for its high-gloss finish, adding a bright, reflective touch to any room. It’s a go-to for achieving a sleek, modern look, complementing everything from cutting-edge designs to more traditional spaces.

Pros of Chrome Tapware:

  • Reflective Shine: Adds a luminous quality to your space, enhancing light.
  • Affordability: Often more budget-friendly than brushed nickel, offering great value.
  • Easy Matching: Chrome’s classic appeal makes it simple to coordinate with other fixtures and accessories.

Cons of Chrome Tapware:

  • Maintenance: Shows fingerprints and water spots more readily, requiring regular cleaning.
  • Style Specific: Its shiny finish might not suit all design preferences, especially if you’re looking for a softer look.

Making Your Choice – Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome

Choosing between brushed nickel and chrome tapware comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of your space. Here are some things to consider when making a decision: 

  • Design: Think about the overall style you want to achieve. For a softer, more muted look, brushed nickel is ideal. If you prefer a brighter, more eye-catching finish, go for chrome.
  • Maintenance: If you're looking for easy maintenance with less visible smudging and water spots, brushed nickel might be the way to go.
  • Budget: Chrome options can be more budget-friendly, offering a cost-effective way to update your space without sacrificing style.
  • Room Atmosphere: Consider the atmosphere you're aiming to create. Chrome offers a crisp, clean look, while brushed nickel adds warmth and depth.

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Brushed Nickel vs. Chrome FAQs

Will brushed nickel or chrome tapware go out of style?

Both brushed nickel and chrome are considered timeless finishes. While trends may shift, these finishes have remained popular choices for their versatility and enduring appeal. Choosing either will ensure your space stays stylish for years to come.

Can I mix brushed nickel and chrome finishes in the same space?

Absolutely! Mixing metals can add depth and interest to your design. The key is to maintain a balance and choose a unifying element or theme to tie the different finishes together harmoniously.

Which finish is better for hard water areas?

Brushed nickel is generally more forgiving in hard water areas, as it's better at hiding water spots and fingerprints. Chrome, while durable, may show water spots more easily, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Are brushed nickel and chrome tapware finishes durable?

Both finishes are durable and designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. However, their longevity can also depend on the quality of the tapware and the care it receives over time.