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Benefits of a Workstation Sink

A workstation is a beneficial system with an array of accessories made to suit your needs without having to sacrifice any space in your kitchen. The accessories are interchangeable to suit your needs, whether you need the sink to be a prep station, a serving station, or to wash and clean. With a wide range of accessories, workstation sinks can have all the attachments you require to be productive in one space.
Benefits of a Workstation Sink

Workstation Sinks Will Improve Your Kitchen Workflow

Having a workstation sink in your home will save you time in your kitchen workflow. With everything being readily available in one area you will have a functional workspace that helps you prepare and cook more efficiently. 

Working from one space, as opposed to working in the traditional work triangle, you will find you get the best productivity and an easy-flow workspace. You can customise your workstation sink to suit your needs as you please with the variety of accessories available. 

artinox workstation sink

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Workstations Sink are Versatile

Some of the workstation sinks come with a dual-tier system, meaning you can use more accessories on different levels helping you have more versatility and accessibility to your sink. Accessories range from chopping boards, strainers, roll mats, and colanders which will aid you in the preparation and cooking of your food. Once you have finished cooking, you can turn your sink into a serving station for when you are entertaining with platforms, bowls, and serving boards. Washing up is also made easy with the versatility of these sinks. With a double bowl or single bowl configuration you can arrange your sink in any way you wish. Having accessories like portable draining boards, portable bowls, dish racks, or roll mats aids in a faster cleaning process.

Artinox workstation sink with chopping board and colander

Image source: Artinox Sinks 


Choosing the Right Workstation sink to Suit Your Needs 

Workstation sinks are a great addition to any household as they come in a range of sizes and materials including stainless steel, granite, and ceramic. With stainless steel sinks, keep in mind that the grade of steel you will need is dependent on where you're going to use your sink. If you are after an outdoor sink, going with a 314-grade or higher is your best choice to eliminate the risk of rust from exposure to outdoor elements. Adding one to your alfresco area, your workstation sink can be set up as a mini bar system, a BBQ serving area, or even just a washing-up area.

For your general domestic uses inside, 304-grade stainless steel is the most common grade when it comes to sinks. Workstation sinks come in a range of small or large sinks to suit your lifestyle. If you are in a small apartment and are living by yourself you will be able to find something smaller to suit your kitchen and still have the convenience of a workstation. Alternatively, if you have a larger household and need a bigger sink, there are a wide variety of large single-bowl or double-bowl sinks. Workstation sinks also tend to be deeper than your average kitchen sink, you can use that depth to your advantage by using more accessories on a dual-tier sink, and also provides more space for when washing up. 


Workstation Sinks Can Cost You

Although having a workstation sink may make your cooking and prep work easier, it does tend to be more expensive than a regular kitchen sink. You will find that most of the time the accessories are an additional purchase and not included in the purchase of the sink. This can also mean you are limited in the accessories your sink is compatible with as most brands make accessories that will only suit their sinks, so turning your normal kitchen sink into a workstation may be difficult. An example of this extra cost is with brands like The Galley. You can buy the sink and the dresser that is made to fit with their sinks to store their accessories. However, again keep in mind that the costs can add up, with the cost of the sink, the extra accessories, and the dresser will be an expensive purchase. Some brands only have certain accessories for food prep and not much else, so depending on how you plan to use your sink will determine what accessories to look for.


Buildmat's Cost Effective Solution 

Buildmat's sinks are not workstation sinks, however, as our accessories are designed to fit on top of our sinks, Buildmat offers an affordable solution to have our sinks function as a workstation. Our accessories come in a wide variety, ranging from chopping boards and colanders to help with the preparation of your food, and washing and drying your dishes. Buildmat accessories are designed to be easily stored away when not in use so you can still have full access to your kitchen sink as you normally would. You will find the flexibility of them a time saver in any lifestyle. Browse our range of stainless steel sinks and kitchen accessories now.

Benefits of a Workstation Sink


Benefits of a Workstation Sink

Image Source: Buildmat's Cody Single Bowl sink with Drainboard with Zander Roll Mat