Blog - What kitchen sink is right for me?

Original Post: 16 April 2015

Kitchen sinks are made with bent square edges or rolled round edges.

Square or Round Edges?

All Zen hand-made stainless steel sinks are formed with either bent square edges or rolled round internal edges. Round edges do make it easier to clean and allows for better water flow. Some prefer the slick modern look of the square sinks whereas others prefer the smooth rounded edges. Your call!

Undermount or Overmount?

The benefit of having your kitchen sink under mount is that the sink lip is disguised and bench scraps can be pushed straight in rather than get caught on the lip. This makes it easier to clean. Again, in terms of aesthetics it's personal. All Zen kitchen sinks can be installed as overmount or under mount.

The 'lip' on the kitchen sink can sit above (overmount) or below (undermount) of the benchtop

The sink thickness refers to the thickness of the stainless steel and can affect the durability of the kitchen sink.

1.0mm or 1.2mm thick steel?.

Hand-made stainless steel sinks in Australia generally come in 19 gauge (1.0mm thick) or 18 gauge (1.2mm thick) stainless steel. If you plan on using your sink a lot, the 1.2mm is considered a more durable sink but it is also more expensive. BuildMat would not recommend any sinks less than 1.0mm thick as they are prone to long-term wear a lot easier and sooner.


If you are getting a kitchen sink, it always pays to get one that comes with some decent accessories such as an insert chopping board, roll mat, dish drying rack, drainer and colander. Especially if you are tight with space, custom sized accessories can save valuable bench space in the kitchen!

Sinks with custom sized accessories make for very handy companions in the kitchen.

For domestic use kitchen sinks, stainless steel 304 is a suitable grade unless next to the ocean.

SS304 or SS316

Stainless steel 304 is the grade of steel required for food preparation and the most common grade used for domestic sinks. For hospital use or for use in external areas subject to high salt and acidic content, use the SS316 which is the marine grade stainless steel.

Do I need sound pads?

Yes! When you get your sink, flip it upside down and ensure it has;

a) at least 1 sound absorbing pad on each external face including the bottom where the drain is; and

b) a painted coating applied to all areas of the external face that prevent condensation on the underside of the sink.

Sound pads are foam stickers stuck to each face to reduce the "clunk" noise when dropping pots and pans in there!

Does your seller provide technical detail drawings, specifications and a warranty for sinks? BuildMat does.

Buy from a trusted seller.

You want a sink from a reputable seller that provides support and warranty. You also want someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to the right sink for you - not just some out of the garage operation! Ask your buyer for technical detail drawings, assembly instructions and product specification to make sure they are the real deal.

About BuildMat.

BuildMat knows building materials and source products from around the globe and around the corner. See their range of kitchen sinks by clicking on any of the photos. We hope this Buyer's Range has been helpful in your selection of kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sinks are made with bent square edges or rolled round edges.