Kitchen Sinks Questions

What are the best kitchen sinks?

Kitchen sinks are such an important part of your kitchen as it sits along your countertop, the best type of kitchen sink is one that aesthetically suits your house's theme as well as being highly functional. The best example of this is an Undermount Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink. the reason for stainless steel is that it is always neutral and timeless, it doesn't stand out too much and avoids being the centrepiece of the kitchen which could end up becoming dated and require replacing.

Why would you choose Stainless Steel?

At Buildmat we would recommend choosing a stainless steel sink over something like cast iron, granite sink or even farmhouse sink. These are popular when trying to match a theme or popular in other countries, but let's talk about the disadvantages.

- Farmhouse sinks have an apron at the front of it, some think that this is appealing, but they don't realise it cuts out a large section of your cabinetry as well as your countertop which would eventually stick out like a sore thumb.

- Cast Iron sinks are made with a durable iron alloy and is covered with porcelain enamel. because of this enamel what could happen is that it could chip or wear away, these sinks are generally thicker which would mean that it would have to sit as a topmount rather than an undermount sink, fireclay sinks are very similar but more durable but end up being fairly heavy and expensive.

- Granite sinks are fairly trend and can be considered to be more heavy-duty, one of the flaws of them are that they are extremely expensive and they are not friendly to glasses falling over, as there are so solid the slightest impact with a plate or glass or champagne flute could

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