Kitchen Sinks


Buildmat Kitchen sinks brings joy and style into your kitchen. Each curve and corner has been designed around making your kitchen stand out but also allows you to effortlessly clean after each meal.


Flimsy Sinks 

Just don't cut it

The thickness of kitchen sinks plays an important part to the quality. The thicker the steel used to make the sink it means you get more sink. 
The reason why it’s important is because it becomes a sturdier and more solid sink, you’ll notice it when you start putting pots and pans down.

Handmade Sinks

Handmade sinks means that there are people actually welding the sink 
together instead of a machine just pressing on a sheet of metal.
It means that the each corner is carefully crafted and that each wall of the sink is a true 1.5mm thick stainless steel instead of a sheet of metal being stretched by a large machine press into shape.

Single Bowl Sinks

300x450 Single Bowl Butler Sink

300 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Butler Sink

  • 25 Litre Capacity

  • Perfect for Butlers Pantry

510X450X250 Single Bowl Sink

510 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink

  • 46 Litre Capacity

  • Fits a small Laundry

1125x450x205 Double Bowl with Drain Board Sink

700 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink

  • 60 Litre Capacity

  • Perfect sized Laundry

The Next two sinks are more used in the Laundry and have been designed extra extra large size from the request of our BuildMat customers, they're all asking us for a sink that fits their dogs and cats so they can wash them in the Laundry!!!

810x450 XLarge Single Bowl Sink Trough

810 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink Trough

  • 70 Litre Capacity

  • Large enough for pets

900x450x250 XXLarge Single Bowl Sink

900 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink Trough

  • 85 Litre Capacity

  • Ultimate size

Double Bowl Sinks

725x450 Single & 1/4 Bowl Sink

725 x 450 x 205 

Single & Qtr Bowl Sink

  • 53 Litre Capacity

  • Larger Bowl Designed for pots

775x450x205 Double Bowl Sink

775 x 450 x 205 

Double Bowl Sink

  • 57 Litre Capacity

  • Most Popular Double Bowl

825x450 Single +3/4 Bowl Sink

825 x 450 x 205 

Single & 3/4 Bowl Sink

  • 61.5 Litre Capacity

  • Larger Double Bowl Style

Drain Board Sinks

950x450x205 Single Bowl w Drain Board Sink

950 x 450 x 205 

Single Bowl & Drainboard Sink

  • 45 Litre Capacity

  • Fit a Dishwasher under

1125x450x205 Double Bowl with Drain Board Sink

1125 x 450 x 205 

Double Bowl & Drainboard Sink

  • 65 Litre Capacity

  • Double Bowl Design

Other things to consider when choosing a sink

Try to make sure that you match your tapware is chosen to match the theme of the kitchen as well as splashback, these can clash very easily so make sure you browse around for some Inspirations. Majority of sellers are selling Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink grade SS304 which means it's a food grade stainless steel which you'll see used in commercial catering equipment, or on the stainless steel kitchen benches on tv cooking shows, but to be safe just make sure it is listed as SS304 or SUS304.

If you want more details or someone to call you and talk you through what you should look out for fill out your details below or click on the chat box on the bottom right of your screen