Premium Thickness

The thickness of kitchen sinks plays an important part to the quality and durability. The thicker the steel used to make the sink it means you get more sink.  The reason why it’s important is because it becomes a sturdier and more solid sink, you’ll notice it when you start putting pots and pans down.

Precision Made Sinks

Our Precision Handmade sinks means that there are people actually welding the sink together instead of a machine just pressing on a sheet of metal. It means that the each corner is carefully crafted and that each wall of the sink is a true 1.5mm thick stainless steel instead of a sheet of metal being stretched by a large machine press into shape.

Free Delivery

Buildmat are offering FREE KITCHEN SINK DELIVERY  Australia wide during the covid situation, we use a range of couriers so we'll be able to reach you all around Australia!

We understand that not being able to visit a store is hard so give us a call on 1300 123 122 if you have any questions, we can talk you through selecting your sink!

Single Bowl Sinks

Jeeves 300x450 Single Bowl Butler Sink

300 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Butler Sink

  • 25 Litre Capacity

  • Perfect for Butlers Pantry

Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink

510 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink

  • 46 Litre Capacity

  • Fits a small Laundry

Avisa 700x450 Large Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

700 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink

  • 60 Litre Capacity

  • Perfect sized Laundry

Marissa 810x450 XLarge Single Bowl Sink Trough

810 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink Trough

  • 70 Litre Capacity

  • Large enough for pets

Seville 900x450x250 XXLarge Single Bowl Sink

900 x 450 x 250

Single Bowl Sink Trough

  • 85 Litre Capacity

  • Ultimate size

Double Bowl Sinks

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Madison 775x450x205 Double Bowl Sink

775 x 450 x 205 

Double Bowl Sink

  • 57 Litre Capacity

  • Most Popular Double Bowl

Lincoln 825x450 Single +3/4 Bowl Sink

825 x 450 x 205 

Single & 3/4 Bowl Sink

  • 61.5 Litre Capacity

  • Larger Double Bowl Style

Drain Board Sinks

Cody 950x450x205 Single Bowl w Drain Board Sink

950 x 450 x 205 

Single Bowl & Drainboard Sink

  • 45 Litre Capacity

  • Fit a Dishwasher under

Orlando 1125x450x205 Double Bowl with Drain Board Sink

1125 x 450 x 205 

Double Bowl & Drainboard Sink

  • 65 Litre Capacity

  • Double Bowl Design

What else to consider:

Should I get a sink with a Drainboard

A question that we always get asked a lot is whether or not you should get a drainboard on your sink, we would usually say if you prefer to have beautiful kitchen then we would advise not to get a drainboard, so that you can show off more of your beautiful bench.

Whereas if you'd prefer functionality then we would advise to get a drainboard because a lot of people find it hard to figure out whether to dry their dishes, pots and pans without a drainboard. Alternatively we've also designed a portable drainboard which you can put away in the cupboard if you don't want to use it.

To read more about what others saying visit our blog post: Do I need a Draining Board with my Kitchen Sink?

Should I Undermount or Overmount?

This really depends on your budget and whether you've decided on your benchtop or not. 

The short answer is undermount if your budget allows for it, especially if you're looking at getting a stone bench. Unless you really don't want to be extra careful in the kitchen, if you know you're a clutz or you're always quickly trying to clean to get out of the kitchen as soon as possible then undermount might not be for you because over time the exposed benchtop can chip.

If you're getting laminate or timber bench then you should most likely consider topmounting your sink.

Why Should I get a Sink with Thicker Steel?

You should get a thicker steel sink because they are more durable and last longer, as well as assist in lowering noise caused to read more of the benefits click on our article: Kitchen Sinks Made of Thick Stainless Steel

Have more Questions?

If you have more questions, then please Email it to us! We would love to answer any other questions that you might have!