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Davey RB2P Rainbank
  • $295.00

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Davey Rainwater Benchtop Microlene Kit
  • $295.00

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Davey 20 Inch Filter Filterpure Twin Housings Kit
  • $450.00

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Davey Premium Underbench Microlene Kit Rainwater
  • $295.00

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Davey Premium Underbench Microlene Kit Mains / Townwater
  • $355.00

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Bianco BIA-SCF70 Cartridge Filter
  • $480.00

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Bianco BIA-SCF25 Cartridge Filter
  • $305.00

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Bianco BIA-SCF100 Cartridge Filter
  • $577.00

Water pump Melbourne

If you're looking for a water pump in Melbourne then look no further because we have a wide range of water pumps for all different uses. Whether you're after a domestic water pump, fire fighting petrol pump or a submersible pump we probably have the right one available for you.

If you have any specialised questions relating to the use of your pump then we'll make sure we pass you on to our water pump partners who are professionals in the industry and they'll be able to guide you through the selection process.

Factors to consider when looking for a rainwater tank pump

Before you start your journey in searching for the perfect rainwater pump you should determine what the pump will be used for, whether it's domestic residential use or commercial use, or farming and irrigation. This will determine what the water output will be and how powerful the pump needs to be, and maybe the features the pump will require.

To help figure out what type of pump you need first you need to have the answers to a couple of questions ready, such as:

how many stories is the house?

this will determine whether you need a single story pump or a double story pump

how many bathrooms and kitchens are in the house? 

This is to ensure that the pump has enough power to supply your house because you might have multiple toilet flushing and people showering the last thing you want is your pump not being able to support that.

Whether you're solely on rainwater supply or mains water supply? 

Some pumps are very advanced and come with features that allow the pump to switch from tank water supply to mains water supply.

Types of pumps

You'll also need to decide whether you want to be able to see the pump or not, because there are

Submersible pumps 

these sit inside the rainwater harvesting tanks so that they're out of view, but just remember if there are any issues that come up it's a bit harder to access.

External pumps 

These sit outside next to your house and water tank, they're easier to access but they are exposed to nature so make sure you consider getting a pump cover.


make sure you get a professional plumber to help you install your pump because if you try to do a DIY job without knowing what you're doing you could possibly damage your pump and these types of damages wouldn't be covered under warranty by most suppliers.


At Buildmat we hold a variety of different brands to make sure that you have a wide range of selection whether you're after a DAB, Grundfos, Davey, Onga, or Bianco pump, you can browse our collection or if you have one in particular in mind you can shoot us an email.