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Castor Deep Blue Concrete Basin 395D x 190H

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Rustic concrete basin [CBM0202]

Concrete basins are a handmade product so there are always imperfections, you'll notice in the photo that there are slight colour variations and air bubbles that appear on the concrete basins and these occur through the process and some styles are more prone to air bubbles than others and each basin is unique.

Size: 395 diameter x 190 height
Size tolerance: /- 5mm
Color: Dark Black Blue
Net weight: 14 kgs
Packing CBM: 0.038
Packaging Dimensions: 47x47x25cm
Outlet (internal size): 45mm
Outlet (external size): 65mm
Suits 32/40mm waste size
Warranty: 3 years
Mounting: Above bench / above counter