Zeon Sink FAQ

Zeon Sink FAQ

Zeon Sink FAQ


Whether you are building new or renovating, a Zeon sink is the perfect way to modernise your area with a timeless sink for your kitchen, laundry or outdoor area. These sinks are handmade from durable and corrosion resistant 304 grade stainless steel. Zeon have designed and manufactured their sinks to suit Australian Standards and conditions being able to tolerate extreme heat and cold. They can be used for outdoor use making it perfect for an external BBQ setting. The sinks are able to be over-mounted, under-mounted or flush-mounted. The exterior of the sinks have sound paddings on each side to minimise noise and vibration. The exterior is also dipped into a special paint coating that prevents the sink from accumulating condensation on the underside external walls. All Zeon sinks have a X-shaped fall to a centre waste for better drainage and allows versatility with the orientation of your sink.                     

What is sink gauge?

The sink gauge refers to the thickness of the steel sheet that the sink is made from. In Australia the most common sink thickness is 1.2mm (18 gauge) and 1.5mm (16 gauge). BuildMat do not recommend 1.0mm thick sinks as they are often flimsy. Sinks also come in 2.0mm thickness, however for domestic applications this is overkill and can be cumbersome to work with. At BuildMat we stock 1.5mm sinks with rounded internals, this ensures a sturdy product whilst embodying seamless edging not only for a sleek design but also for practicality with drainage and cleaning.



What is SS304?

Stainless Steel is an alloy meaning it is made from a composition of metals. In Australia, for domestic use Stainless Steel 304 or a higher grade must be used. BuildMat do not recommend purchasing sinks not meeting this grading such as SS201 as it affects the hygiene and longevity of the sink. Stainless Steel 304 has what is termed as a ’18-8’ composition meaning it has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Combined with a maximum carbon contact of 0.08% these metals are important for corrosion resistance to prevent rusting. 


How do I find the capacity of the sink in litres?

Firstly, you need to find the m3 of the sink and to do this you use the internal dimensions of the sink (that is excluding the lip). For example if the sink is 460x450x250mm then the m3 is 0.46 x 0.45 x 0.25 =  0.046m3. Now you need to multiply by 1000 to get the litres so this sink can hold 46 litres of water. 


eBay Description

All Orders will be shipped 1-2 business days after payment has cleared. All the items are dispatched from our warehouse in Hallam, Victoria. Pick up is available from our warehouse by appointment only. We accept credit card payments in store. We use a variety of couriers. Shipping times vary depending on location. Tracking is available on request. We cannot deliver to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers. If the product is being delivered to a construction site, please advise who the contact is to receive and sign for the package such as the Site Foreman / Supervisor or Plumber. We will include these details in our notes to the courier.  Damage or loss of goods during transportation is not covered.



Zeon sinks are warranted for 5 years from purchase for: manufacturing defects, faulty materials, if the product is not considered ‘fit for purpose’ or a ‘merchantable quality’ or if the description of the product does not match the product provided. All warranty claims relating to aesthetic blemishes are only valid prior to the product been installed. Zeon, through its retailer, will at its discretion choose to refund, replace or repair the purchased sink.  Zeon will not pay for any associated costs related with the warranty claim including shipping. In no event shall the liability of Zeon or its retailer exceed the purchase price of the product. Please see the Warranty Form found in all Zeon sink products for full warranty conditions and maintenance tips.


Terms & Conditions

Stainless Steel is a product that is susceptible to slight size changes. The cutting templates are to be used as a guide only. Ensure you use the actual sink prior to final cut. As always using a qualified and experienced joiner and stonemason will assist in getting the best finish. Steel gauge refers to origin thickness, upon; shaping, welding and grinding the gauge may vary in thickness between 10-20%. All Terms and Conditions of this product are to be read in conjunction with all other information provided in this eBay listing including, but not limited to, information regarding payment, pick up & delivery, returns and refunds and warranty conditions.

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