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    Where to Place Your Artificial Garden Wall

    Love looking at greenery but find tending to it a right royal pain? Artificial plant walls may be the ideal solution because they offer the best of both worlds: an attractive display of foliage that doesn't need watering or weeding.

    Whether you want to add something extra to your seating area, you're tired of looking at boring brick walls or your property is craving some much-needed privacy, here are a few ideas about where you could put your artificial garden wall.

    1. Around your seating area

    Maybe you've recently laid decking to create the ultimate seating area for you and your family, or perhaps you've renovated a tired old barbecue space so you can invite your friends around. Whatever your outdoor entertainment space looks like, we guarantee it won't be complete without a garden wall.

    As well as using it for decoration, you could place it around the seating area to create an enclosed, cosy space within your garden. What could be more perfect come summer, when you'll be spending lots of long, warm nights outdoors?

    2. On your fence or against your shed

    Transform your boring and unsightly garden fences with the help of an artificial plant wall. Not only will you have something much nicer to look at whenever you sit out in your garden, but placing them against a fence you share with a neighbour could really enhance the amount of privacy you have. No more nosy Ned from next door peeping over!

    Similarly, if you're tired of looking at an old shed or outdoor storage area, a simple way of making it easier on the eye would be to place an artificial garden wall against it.

    3. Against your property's walls

    You could even place a plant wall against your property's walls to brighten up its exterior. There are several advantages to having an artificial one as opposed to the real thing: you won't have to worry about creeping plants burrowing into brickwork, or having to cut back any wandering greenery that climbs into roof space.

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