Tips for Maintaining a Vertical Garden

So you're thinking of installing a vertical garden? Before you decide to go ahead with your gardening project it's important to be aware of the maintenance involved. To ensure your vertical garden flourishes, we've highlighted some important maintenance tips below.

Make sure you provide adequate moisture levels

Like most gardens, a vertical garden needs to be watered regularly for the plants to thrive, so it's important to maintain the water levels. Unless you decide to have a vertical garden comprised of succulents, as these won't need as much water as other plant varieties.

What type of plants are best for a vertical garden?

You will generally find that any plant variety that can be grown in a hanging basket or a pot is suitable for a vertical garden. If you prefer a low maintenance vertical garden, succulents are often a smart choice.

Keep your vertical garden supplied with nutrients

Plants need feeding just like humans, so it's essential to keep your vertical garden supplied with nutrients. Liquid fertiliser is a quick and easy solution to maintain the nutrient levels of your plants or else Nitrosol is a great alternative.

Choose a high-quality potting blend of potting soil

Some blends of potting soil are a higher quality than others and can make the difference as to how well your vertical garden thrives over time. Do your research to find out which blends of potting soil are better or ask the staff at your local garden centre about the varieties they'd recommend.

Select the right pots, pockets or containers for your plants

Depending on the varieties you choose, make sure you have the right size pockets, pots or containers that will give your plants room to grow and develop. If your plants don't have enough room for growth it can result in stunted development or in worst case scenarios your plants can die.

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