Maintenance-Free Ways to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Is your home missing that little oomph? If you’ve tried everything to improve your patio or yard but still can’t get it to gel, this article is for you. Whether you own an apartment or a ten bedroom mansion, these maintenance-free lifesavers will breathe some life back into your yard or outdoor space. Best of all, there'll be no gardening required whatsoever! Perfect for parents or busy professionals.

1. Synthetic grass – not as fake as it sounds!

Years ago, synthetic lawns were a faux pas, but not anymore! Synthetic grass technology has come a long way recently, and the flexibility of synthetic grass is extraordinary. In some situations, planting a real lawn is just too much work, or even impossible.

Whether you have a plain concrete courtyard behind your unit, or a bare space beside your house, synthetic grass can be installed in almost any area to liven up your home! You’ll never have to water or mow - just rinse your grass with the hose every few months to keep it clean. Synthetic grass is great for kids to play on, and as long as you replace the infill every few years it will be a spongy pleasure to walk on.

2. Maintenance-free plant walls

Have a fence or wall on your property that you can’t bear to look at? Artificial plant walls could be the answer to your problems. With zero maintenance, artificial plant walls are the perfect way to brighten up your exterior spaces and cover up unsightly fences. You’ll never have to trim or water them, unlike a hedge, so you’ll be able to spend your time relaxing and admiring your garden or courtyard, and less time maintaining it.

Artificial plant walls can be ordered in varying sizes and foliage varieties. The plant walls are also made up of multiple smaller panels, so you can shape the wall however you like!

Interested in making over your outside space?

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