Factors to Consider in Creating the Perfect Plant Wall

It's taken the world of Pinterest and Instagram by storm, and for good reason: adding a plant wall to your outdoor space is a low-cost, easy way of brightening up your home's exterior! Best of all, plant walls can be installed even in homes which lack large outdoor spaces - making them the perfect garden choice for inner-city dwellers.

While they look amazing, there are a couple of important things to weigh up when it comes to choosing the right plant wall for you:

1. Real or fake?

If you don't have the time or inclination to grow vertically climbing plants up a trellis, why not go artificial? Artificial grass panels, if properly installed, will last the distance and create a natural-looking setting, without all the maintenance required for living plants. BuildMat has a large range of artificial plants and panels which can be affixed to your wall!

2. Climbing vs fixed

So your heart is set on a living, breathing plant wall. Rather than tending climbing plants, you can instead fix a simple irrigated frame to the exterior of your home. As long as there is an air gap between the brick and mortar wall and the plants sitting in front of it, your plant wall will flourish!

3. What will it cost?

Plant walls are undoubtedly more expensive than regular walls - the cost to construct a plant wall from actual growing foliage easily exceeds a regular landscaping budget. But a plant wall is not just functional; it also serves an important decorative purpose. So while it may not be economical to construct an entire building from plant walls, choosing a small space on your home's exterior and decorating it accordingly might work out a lot cheaper than landscaping an entire garden!

4. Green = good

Any landscaping or garden features which can actually address environmental problems get our seal of approval! We all know that plants produce oxygen and filter carbon dioxide, so cultivating them in a polluted city environment has got to be good for your health. Aside from this, exposure to greenery on a regular basis has been proven to be relaxing to the human brain and also encourages creativity - so your garden may become your new favourite place to get some work done!

While these factors all need to be considered when planning your outdoor landscaping, BuildMat provides a plant wall solution to suit every space and budget - get in touch to find out more!