4 Environmentally Friendly Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens aren’t just a pretty picture – there are many environmental and health benefits of implementing vertical gardens into your home or backyard. In a world where people are becoming more environmentally aware and considerate, vertical gardens actually provide positive health benefits and improve your quality of life. Here are four ways vertical gardens benefit you:

1. Improve quality of oxygen in your home

Plants are natural filters – they draw carbon dioxide from the air, and replace it with oxygen while filtering pollutants. This results in a more clean, healthier oxygen airflow throughout your home. Research shows that quality of air inside the home is of a poorer quality than the air outdoors, even with all the pollutants and contaminants in outside air today.

2. Plants and nature are a natural remedy for most ailments

Studies show that being around nature improves your mental wellbeing and health, and lifts your mood for a more positive outlook on life. Integrating plants into your home is a great method to improve your level of happiness. So for a natural mood enhancer, indoor vertical gardens are a fantastic option to implement.

3. Vertical gardens cool your home naturally

When installed on exterior walls of your home, vertical gardens can effectively lower temperates to an average of ten degrees less. The plants act as a natural barrier and block out high temperatures while reducing reflective heat and light – saving you lots of money on your electricity bill by reducing the use of your air-conditioner.

4. Vertical gardens reduce water and pesticide use

Vertical gardens are generally not affected by pests which means you can reduce pesticide use within your home, which can be harmful to your health. Vertical gardens also reduce your water usage – water collects at the bottom in a drip tray and can be reused for later gardening - and are a more environmentally friendly option.

Vertical gardens are an appealing option for the environmentally conscious homeowner today. With so many benefits in a visually appealing natural product, it’s a great idea to consider installing one inside or outside your home today. Your health will thank you for it!

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