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1.5mm Thick<br>Stainless Steel
1.5mm Thick
Stainless Steel
Under or Over<br>Mount Compatible
Under or Over
Mount Compatible
Anti Condensation<br>Paint Underneath
Anti Condensation
Paint Underneath
Sound Deadening<br>Pads
Sound Deadening
304 Grade<br>Stainless Steel
304 Grade
Stainless Steel
Hand Welded<br>not pressed
Hand Welded
not pressed


If it's not a product we would have in our own homes, then we certainly wouldn't be recommending them in yours.

This is a principle we stand by when designing and carefully selecting our products. We pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality materials. 

Our objective is not to supply the cheapest product available on the market, but rather the best value-for-money products to our customers. We do not believe in cutting corners to save a dollar.

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Are you looking for a laundry tap that is as modern and stylish as your kitchen tap? You have come to the right place. Kitchen mixers are being used in laundry rooms these days because they are more modern and stylish than traditional taps. So, if you want to give your laundry room an update without breaking the bank, consider installing a laundry mixer tap!
What is the right kitchen sink for you? This question has been debated by many people, but not everyone can answer it. There are a few different types of sinks that you can choose from; single bowl or double bowl.

Some people like to have the option of having two bowls in their sink so they can do more than one task at once. Others prefer just one big bowl because they don't need the extra space and find it easier to clean up after themselves when everything is all in one place.

A flick mixer tap is a plumbing device that is used for residential and commercial sinks, in the kitchen, laundry and maybe sometimes even in the bathroom. It has been replaced in modern homes by many different models of taps because they are less functional and look slightly dated.